Veronica Roth!!

I just checked out Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth, and I can’t wait to read it. I devoured the Divergent Series, even though I usually make a point to avoid popular books, just because everyone else has already told me most of what happened. I really love how the Divergent Series though, especially how it switched to being told from just one personality to two. For some reason I had never thought that you could just start switching personalities in the middle of the series, I always thought you have to do it at the beginning or not at all. That is why being a writer makes reading more fun. Because you can say you are “studying for writing,” because you kind of are, you are learning new techniques.


I wrote you a song….

If I could write all the time
Do you think time
would pass me by
you know I would write all the time
if I could just
make money

It is loosely based off that song with almost the same lyrics whose name I can’t remember.

Sorry as always for never remembering to blog. Okay, that’s a lie. Whenever I write I think, “hey I should blog about it,” but then I just keep writing. I definitely need a publicist, or an agent, or whatever.

Also, apparently using hashtags will allow people to see my posts when they search for stuff. But I really hate hashtags so expect minimal effort on that front.

#writing #songlyrics #lyrics #pleasereadmyactualpostsbecausetheyaremuchbetterthanksandalsothanksforreadingthisentirehastagyouaregoingtohaveagreatday

Reading and Writing.

Those are my two most consuming hobbies. There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a notebook and a pen and just writing. However, there is also nothing I love more than heading to the library, picking up a fresh stack of books, and reading all day. (These hobbies are not ideal for friend making, if you hadn’t guessed) Anyway, it is now my Christmas break, and I spent what I had of last week reading. So now I am spending what I have of this week writing. It is going well. I am working on editing my current long story.

It has been so nice being able to write again, but christmas break will be over before I know it, and I have already begun to shirk my adult chores to write…..

Sigh. I am still waiting for someone to invent a pod you can sit in where time doesn’t pass around you while you are in it.

It has been so long!

I am sorry. School started back up, and I got an internship. So I have almost no spare time or brain power left. I am going to start trying to spend a few hours writing every Friday though. And maybe (hopefully) that will lead to more.

Special thanks to a good friend for inspiring me to make time for writing again. 🙂

I don’t know how often I will bother to blog, because it doesn’t really seem to be doing any good….. Haha. Oh well, stay tuned.

Writing Contests

20 Tips For Winning Writing Contests

Does this advice make writing contests seem easier to you? Because to me it just makes them sound depressing, like they are based on what is “trendy” and not on real skill.

Oh well…. I think I always knew that I wasn’t meant for writing contests, but I will keep doing them occasionally while focusing more on my novels that aren’t written with “pleasing someone” in mind…
But, interesting news, I am actually writing this because I finally got featured in a writing contest publication. I am happy about this, and I hope it leads to great things.

What’s that you said?

The word “said” is used so often in writing. A great way to make your writing sound dull and elementary is to say “he said” every time you use dialog. Say, “he drawled,” “she mused,” “he exclaimed,” “uttered,” “shouted,” “retorted,” “blubbered,” etc. These lists have helped me so much while writing, so I wanted to share them with you.

Synonyms for _Said_

said list

synonyms for said