Writing Exercises

Writing exercises are an important part of writing that I almost always (okay, always) forget to do. They get your brain juices flowing and often give you new book ideas, almost all the books I have written started as a writing exercise. Doing them was my favorite part of creative writing class, especially when I got to come up with the exercise. I miss that, so I came up with a writing exercise we can do together.

  1. A grown man is always running, and always being followed. From what? From who? Are his demons real or in his head?
  2. A dog gets the power to speak when his owner starts to loose her mind, it is up to him to stop her from murdering her toddler sons.
  3. Pre-teen twins are left in Central Park by their parents, who promptly free to a non-extraditing country. What do the twins do?
  4. Another massive earthquake in Haiti has left one of the most infamous Bokors (dark/evil voodoo priest) the only one in a fit state to take care of all the injured. What does the Bokor do? Do his helping actions lead him to become a force of light instead of darkness?

I have been trying to practice creating a viable beginning, middle, and end for stories, and that is what I want you to do. Choose a prompt and write one paragraph that describes the story, including a description of the main character, and a general description of the plot of the story that includes a beginning, middle and end.

I will post my response. Feel free to send me your responses if you want, I am always interested to see how different minds interpret different prompts.



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