The Man Who is Always Running

This is based off my prompts from last post.

Eli Hannel has never been a normal man. Ignored and often left alone since birth by his parents, he has developed a host of bizarre behaviors stemming from his attempts to entertain himself. Since the age of 18 when his “couldn’t be bothered” parents kicked him out, he has been doing questionable things. Now, he is running. You may ask, what or who is he running from? It is not clear if he knows the answer to this question himself. Eli’s eternal running takes him across America, to both its saddest places, and it’s most beautiful places. His seemingly pointless journey is changed forever at the age of 27, when he runs through a destitute Appalachia trailer park and picks up a 14 year old girl who wants to run with him. Her parents are the opposite  of his, they care way too much about her, to the point of being psychotically possessive of her. They immediately sic the police on Eli in hopes of recovering their daughter. Now, the thing he is running from is real, his journey has a purpose. With young Trixie to help and protect, something changes in Eli. She loves him, and when she finally convinces him to consummate their relationship, he is forced to face the responsibility he now has. The action of sleeping with this girl who is so vulnerable, and so much younger than him makes him feel so guilty. He robs a bank and buries all the money, in hope of financing her to live in safety until she turns eighteen. Then he lets himself get caught, in hope of getting the help he now realizes he needs.

What do you think? How did you interpret the prompt differently?


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