Reading and Writing.

Those are my two most consuming hobbies. There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a notebook and a pen and just writing. However, there is also nothing I love more than heading to the library, picking up a fresh stack of books, and reading all day. (These hobbies are not ideal for friend making, if you hadn’t guessed) Anyway, it is now my Christmas¬†break, and I spent what I had of last week reading. So now I am spending what I have of this week writing. It is going well. I am working on editing my current long story.

It has been so nice being able to write again, but christmas break will be over before I know it, and I have already begun to shirk my adult chores to write…..

Sigh. I am still waiting for someone to invent a pod you can sit in where time doesn’t pass around you while you are in it.


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