I wrote you a song….

If I could write all the time
Do you think time
would pass me by
you know I would write all the time
if I could just
make money

It is loosely based off that song with almost the same lyrics whose name I can’t remember.

Sorry as always for never remembering to blog. Okay, that’s a lie. Whenever I write I think, “hey I should blog about it,” but then I just keep writing. I definitely need a publicist, or an agent, or whatever.

Also, apparently using hashtags will allow people to see my posts when they search for stuff. But I really hate hashtags so expect minimal effort on that front.

#writing #songlyrics #lyrics #pleasereadmyactualpostsbecausetheyaremuchbetterthanksandalsothanksforreadingthisentirehastagyouaregoingtohaveagreatday


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