Update on My New Book!

Short Version: It’s going great!!!

It is now 55 PAGES LONG!!!!!!!!! This marks the fastest I have ever written 55 pages in a book.

Something about it being summer break and not having a summer job. I am loving it. Who needs money after all…. I know, food, rent, etc. Don’t worry I will get a job soon.

I am a little scared to post my book online as most of my hopes and dreams are riding on it, but if you know me and want to read what I have so far let me know. I am always looking for input. It’s still only written on paper now though, so unless you can read my handwriting (good luck with that) I will need to type it up for you.

I am really on a writing high right now, thinking about Notebook 1 where I wrote like 2 pages of Camp Corn-nuts every couple days. I still love that story despite it’s childishness. I think with some editing it could make a great kids book.

Anyway… Just wanted to say that my new book is going great so far, despite my previous doubts. Hopefully it continues in the same manner. It would be so great if I could finish it before my summer classes start. I have been missing school so much. Weird huh. I certainly never missed school until college.


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